PHZC Friend

$30.00 / month



If you can’t regularly attend weekly meditation and services but want to stay in communication and be made aware of PHZC events, please consider becoming a Friend of PHZC. Giving at this level is in the spirit of “I’m not going to be a regular, but want to support Prajna Heart and what it stands for.”


Prajna Heart Zen Center is a wholly volunteer-based, non-profit organization. Our fees are structured around your level of interest in and commitment to Zen practice and the PHZC community. While no one will ever be turned away due to financial circumstances, the health of the sangha does depend on the spiritual, financial and time commitment of participants. Please let us know of any special needs, concerns or considerations.

Prajna Heart Zen Center is registered as a religious non-profit corporation in the State of California. Monthly fees and donations to Prajna Heart Zen Center are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law, unless noted otherwise.