Virtual Sesshin – April 21st-25th

Deepen and enrich your practice and your life.




Join us for four days of Zazen, service, Dharma Talks and training designed to strengthen and enrich your Zen practice and your life.

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While commonly understood as a Zen retreat, Sesshin literally means to unite the mind. Sesshin is an opportunity to set aside the time, make the commitment, and gather and concentrate our energy in order to clarify the great matter that is our life. We do sesshin as a group because the support that each person gives to the others is vital for a strong sesshin. 

Given Covid-19 restrictions, this event will be a virtual event via Zoom, but we have fine-tuned our systems, cameras, mics and approaches to training to ensure the best group experience possible, even as we sit from afar.

In addition to plenty of Zazen (meditation), we will also explore what Zen work practice (Samu) looks like at home, conduct service, share a Dharma Talk each day, do some yoga and stretching, chant Meal and Work Gathas together and more. Private interviews with our Teacher, Dan Shiro Burrier, are available during each day for all participants, and Tenshin Roshi and Jokai Sensei have graciously agreed to deliver Dharma talks on Friday and Saturday, respectively.

While Sesshin is a fundamental commitment for serious practitioners, it can be a pivotal experience for those early in their Zen journey as well. Sesshin complements a daily sitting practice and allows a period of time when each of us can sink into the silence and take the rare opportunity to look closely at our life. The days are long and packed, so please take a look at the schedule below to see how much of it you can commit to.

Having said that, since we’re currently operating in a digital environment, and because we know that often includes family, friends and workmates sharing space, we have designed this Sesshin so that you can participate on a part-time basis and are free to come and go as necessary. Accordingly, we will permit silent entry and departures at any time during the day. (Please refer to the schedule and try to time any coming or going at appropriate breaks or transitions.)  We hope this flexibility helps you commit to what you can and gain maximum benefit from your participation.

A note about donations:

The suggested donation for this event is $75 per day ($300 for full-time participation), but please feel free to give as little or as much as feels right to you. We will never turn anyone away on the basis of money given. Our deepest wish is simply that you carve out the time to deepen your practice with us.

Sign up using the donate button above. (Simply enter any donation amount you wish. If you want to attend for free, enter 0.) If you have any questions about participation, please email the Sesshin coordinator [email protected].

Special note to Yokoji members. Led and produced by the PHZC sangha, this is an affiliate event with Yokoji Zen Mountain Center. What does that mean? First, as mentioned above, both Tenshin Roshi and Jokai Sensei will be joining us to deliver Dharma talks. Second, while this event is by voluntary donation (i.e. you don’t have to pay to play), ZMC members can designate any or all of their donation to go directly to benefit Yokoji. We welcome everyone to sit with us in the high bandwidth of the city and support the crew on the mountain, including head trainee Shinzan. Yokoji regulars will note that we are sitting the same schedule as those on the mountain, so this is a great way not only to unify the mind, but to unify the Sangha from wherever you are.


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Wednesday Evening
7:00 pm Sesshin Orientation
7:30 pm Zazen
8:40 pm Four vows
9:30 pm Lights Out
Thursday – Saturday
5:00 am Wake up
5:30 am Zazen
7:20 am Service
7:45 am Breakfast (Meal Gatha followed by silent meal) 
9:00 am Work Gatha / Individual work practice
10:30 am Clean up
11:00 am Zazen followed by Dharma Talk
Thursday – Shiro
Friday – Tenshin Roshi
Saturday – Jokai Sensei
12:50 pm Lunch (Meal Gatha / Individual meal)
3:00 pm  Yoga
4:00 pm Zazen
5:20 pm Dinner (Meal Gatha followed by silent meal)
7:00 pm Zazen
8:50 pm Four vows
9:30 pm Lights out
Sunday (final day)
5:00 am Wake up
5:30 am Zazen
6:20 am Closing council and Nenju
7:00 am Breakfast
9:00 am Zazen
10:00 am Dharma Talk by Shiro

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$25, $50, $100