Sangha Sunday Talks

Hear talks by Shiro, sangha members and other special guests.

Taro and the Water Jug
Jennifer Isshin Hunter, PhD, Priest and Author, talks on Case 40 of the Gateless Gate, "Kicking Over the Water Jug," sharing insights on the backstory and history underlying this koan as well as tying some of the lessons here to the journey of "Taro the Zen Cat," both the hero and title of her new book..
Isshin Hunter - 5.10.20

Who is the one?
Meet the members of Prajna Heart Zen Center Sangha in this video, as we explore the question "Who is that one?" and share some of what folks are up to: writing books, starting book clubs, raising funds for First Responders, bringing Zen training 2600 years forward and more. Service in action.
Shiro Burrier - 5.3.20

The Pantry and the Pandemic
Shiro Burrier talks with the Sangha about Dogen's 13th Century classic "Instructions to the Zen Cook," how to view the ingredients in our pantry and in our life, what we intend to cook and how we serve ourselves, the Three Treasures and all those around us during the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.
Shiro Burrier - 4.26.20

Holding on or Letting Go
Minutes prior to this talk, the Sangha of Prajna Heart Zen Center engaged in a guided meditation in which we were coached to "hold on tight," "to focus intently," and "to squeeze even harder," with regards to a feeling, thought, belief or emotion that had arisen in the previous 40 minutes of Zazen.
Shiro Burrier - 4.19.20

Mind is Buddha
Prajna Heart Zen Center features "Dharma Talks from Lockdown" by Teacher Shiro Burrier. This week, we explore "Mind is Buddha," Case 30 in the Mumonkon, and what it means to hold the smallest of everyday actions as the purest expression of Zen. The talk is approximately 20 minutes.
Shiro Burrier - 4.12.20